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Frequently Asked Questions

What time will my sign be set up?

Your sign will be installed between 7pm the night before and 7am the morning of. Sometimes, we will install earlier than 7pm depending on the weather. If you need a specific time, please put in the notes of your order or give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate!!

When will my sign be removed?

Your sign will be removed after dark the day of or sometime the next day after your rental period.

Can I or Should I remove the sign?

If there is a need for your sign to be removed before we have someone come to pick it up, please call us first. You will have received an after hours phone number on your order confirmation/receipt when you ordered. Please call that number to discuss removal. If you remove the sign and end up and we do not know, where you put the sign, you may end up with additional charges if we have to send someone back out to pick up again.

Will I get a confirmation email or phone call before install?

When you rent the sign, you will receive a confirmation email that will list a contact name and number to call if you have any questions after business hours within about 5 minutes. If you do not get that email, please check your spam. If you still do not see that email, feel free to give our office a call to make sure your order went through. Or, you can always check your online account when you log into the website to check on your order. Other that than, we typically do not contact you unless we have specific questions regarding your order.

What if we have bad weather when the install is to take place?

We do everything possible to install your sign. If there is lightening, we will hold off until we are in the clear and it is safe to install. If there is an issue of getting your sign installed between the standard hours, we will contact you!

Order Cancellation

If you place an order and pay in full and then decide you do not want the sign and need to cancel, We will refund your order minus $10 fee. If we end up canceling your order due to weather, you will be refunded 100%!

Are the signs weather proof?

Yes! All signs are weather proof. You do not need to remove if we have a storm (rain, wind or snow). 

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